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Starry Night Silver Ring

A combination of golden cloisonne, midnight blue enamel and an oil dripping design creates a miniature version of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. This piece of work reminds us to trust our dreams and not believe the critics of the world. Whenever you’re struggling to keep running after that dream in your heart, don’t compromise or give up. Just look down at this ring and remember that the journey to fulfilling marvelous dreams have ups and downs, so keep on running.

Handcrafted out of 925 Sterling Silver, this artistic ring is the perfect combination of art and fashion. Simple in design, yet elegant and unique. Its subtle yet eye-catching colors and design compliments any outfit and style, whether a casual night out or a formal evening. Perfect for art lovers and unique jewelry collectors.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver | Size: Adjustable

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